Today I have decided to join the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I heard about the challenge in medium and the whole idea intrigued me tremendously. Nothing is more worthy of a new year's resolution than this one!

I have always wanted to code on a regular basis. Being a computer science student who aspires having a full time software engineering job, I think it is very important to be in touch with programming throughout the whole year. #100DaysOfCode is definitely a great place to get into that consistency.

There is always something going on in our everyday life that distracts us or makes us feel busy. Thus we deviate from our commitments and in the long run it costs a lot! I am obviously not beyond this fault too.

So here I am making this commitment publicly to keep myself accountable and continue the challenge no matter what. However I don't want to make it so hard that I throw in the towel after a while. So I have decided to make a soft start. I may not code every day, but I will definitely try to finish the challenge within six months.

I will start the challenge on January 3rd, 2017 as stated by Kallaway in his article. Most of the community is going to start on that day. You should defintely join us. Also it's totally a personal challenge. So you can join the challenge anytime you want.

Kallaway suggests keeping track of the challenge in a github repository. However I have decided to do that in my blog. I will write a post once I start the challenge and I will be updating that post on a regular basis as the challenge goes on.

I will focus on competitive programming and back-end engineering. I love to do competitive programming on platforms like Codeforces, Hackerrank, LightOJ etc. I will be solving problems on those platforms. Also I will take on some back-end engineering projects from sites like Free Code Camp.

I know for a fact that being able to complete this challenge will take my coding skill to another level. I hope this will be an exciting and enjoyable journey. Looking forward to the successful completion of this challenge.

Happy Coding!